About Us

Hey did the cook come? Is the salt in the sambar up to the taste? Oh Man! I just forget to bring the engagement cake? What about the ice cream, who is going to get it? And the list goes on….

Let’s accept it, organizing an event and surviving through it is not an easy task. So what is the solution? Hire a caterer! Well there are many caterers in the market now. Hence, it is not just the catering that matters. How good the service is? How professionally each dish is served? Every dish served, every service rendered should be unique. That is what Sai Ganesh caterers is all about. Sai Ganesh caterers brings you the freshness of true Indian, western, Chinese, mouthwatering recipes from all over the world at your service. Sai Ganesh caterers also specialize in bringing the best food and drink service that will leave your occasion as a lasting memory for all your friends to cherish and enemies to envy. It is one of the leading caterers which have been in the business of giving world class service for over 10 years. A very trustworthy caterer that you can entrust your day with.

The caterer has a wide range of variety from Indian, Continental, Thai, Italian, and Mexican food. The foundation of Sai Ganesh caterers is the strong experience and the natural food instinct of its team of catering professionals. Their expertise will surely leave an imprint on your taste buds. Not only food, the Sai Ganesh caterers also specializes in decoration and other services that would otherwise give you sleepless nights.

Now no need to spend your nights counting the number of paper cups that you might need in your special party. Just give a call to the Sai Ganesh caterers and rest peacefully to wake up to a beautifully customized party all for you and your guest and most importantly – according to your taste.